Lego-Darth-Vader vs. Aragorn

After a little hiatus on the whole blogging thing, I’m baaaacckkk! A lousy computer and a fall filled with tragedies and illness somewhat subdued my funny bone for a short period of time.   But, alas, you can’t keep a loud mouth restrained for too long and my need to vent overcomes all obstacles! 

I’ve dedicated this blog to my Forever Teenager.  Got one? Well, I do, as does every woman with a significant male other in her life. Yes, a Forever Teenager that we seem to have adopted along the way in the guise of partner, spouse or boyfriend.  If there is one thing I have learned in my short (or long, depending on the day) 42 years it is that men never really grow up.  Oh, you women know what I’m talking about. 

I added fuel to the fire by marrying a man 7 years my junior.  Yes, he was 24 and sporting a Ricky Martin “do” when we met.  While I like to think that I accept people as they are and for who they are…..that hair do just had to go!  Really, what self-respecting 31-year-old would date a man with black hair and blond streaks? In hindsight, it was a foreshadowing of the child in the man that would slowly exert itself over the course of our relationship. 

But it all starts off as quite endearing, doesn’t it?  They draw us in with that boyish charm.  Somehow we love the childishness in them and thinking back, I can’t for the life of me figure out why.  Somehow they are just so darned cute! in that boyishly mischievous way.  However, after a couple of years of morning breath and flatulence that charming boyishness seems so much less…charming.  

Oh, I knew that my future  husband loved all things Star Wars when we met.  What I didn’t realize was that eventually we would have a room dedicated strictly to housing his Stars Wars and Lord of the Rings memorabilia.

How many of you still have spouses that gather together in groups of 3 or 4 every now and then to pull out their role-playing games or Playstations? (check)

Or still have to find ways of “encouraging” the men in your life to participate in the daily rituals of house cleaning or child rearing? (check)

Or still have to wipe them up off the floor after the annual sports gathering activities? (check, check) – okay, okay, he wiped me up off the floor after my office Christmas party so I guess it’s only fair I do the same for him on ocassion.

I really believe, for men, the draw to having children is the excuse to revert back into their former, true selves and immerse themselves again and without consequence into the world ever lasting childhood.   I admit, there is nothing better than watching my husband rough house on the ground with our children and listen to the ensuing laughter.  There is no better sound on Earth.

I guess there is some consolation in that, when the children grow up and leave the nest,  I will never ever really be giving up all my children to the big bad world.  I will always have my Forever Teenager.