cross dressing

Image by art crimes via Flickr

A little warning to you all.  It can’t all be shits & giggles and I do have some upcoming posts that will be on more serious issues.  You may like my opinions, you may not, but seeing as its MY blog, I get to write whatever I want.  You, on the other hand, get to comment however you want.  I won’t delete your comments.  I love a good debate and don’t shy away from controversial subjects.  It makes the blood circulate to your brain when you are open to other people’s opinions.  Low and behold, every once in a while you, or I,  just might learn a thing or two or maybe even change our opinion when someone shares a perspective that we hadn’t thought of before.  It’s called “expanding your knowledge base”.  I don’t assume to know much of anything about anything in particular but I do have lots of opinions.  I can’t help it, I’m Irish after all!    

But for today, it’s still about the antics of my children.  And, while I haven’t had any entanglements with hair colour this week, or been attacked by blood sucking alien invaders, or sustained any concussions, broken toes or other such injuries, it has still as always been an interesting week.    

This week has seen the emergence of my 2-year-old son’s penchant for cross dressing.  I have caught him playing with my make up (several times) and  running around with his 3-year-old sister dressed up in princess gowns.  I have pictures (poor soul) for future bribery purposes and I guess I had better run out and try to gather up some boy-like costumes lest his poor father be scarred for life.    

I’ve also cleaned up a flood in my upstairs bathroom.  It would seem that my 3-year-old wanted to play “pool” with her Polly pockets.  As parents you always know that when things get too quiet its best to investigate.  I found her in the bathroom with water literally everywhere and her little Polly pockets having a grand ole time floating around in their newly found ocean.  Now I know that bathroom is going to have to undergo a full renovation.     

In the last several years I have had my share of run ins with glue and paint and have come to really dislike shows  like “Art Attack” or “Mr. Maker”  which put hairbrained craft ideas into my kids’ heads.  I try at all times to avoid any craft aisles whilst shopping with the kids.  Oh, at first I was excited to start the whole craft experience but when I realized the time involved and clean up required it didn’t take me long to realize that these were projects better left for playschool, kindergarten and primary school.     

A couple of years ago, in utter ignorance, I purchased several wood letters with the intention of having the kids paint them and put their names on their walls.  What was I thinking?  I had since come to my senses and hidden the letters away.  I’ll buy some prepainted letters, easy, breezy. However, my ingenious 6-year-old, who often gets her little sister to do her dirty work (smart kid) in order to deflect any possible repercussions, found these letters and set up shop with her little sister in my laundry room.    

By the time I realized what was happening, well, you can just imagine.  I will now need to replace the lino in my laundry room.  I hadn’t found the letters they were painting and have since been told that my 3-year-old stashed them under her sister’s bed.  Right now I am working up the courage to go and see what damage might have been done to my carpet.  I guess anything, even red paint, would likely be an improvement on this teal green carpet. but, please, I can only handle one renovation at a time.   

So, that’s my week in review.  I now wait with anxious trepidation to see what next week brings. One thing is for sure, it won’t be boring.