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There are some things we just instinctively know we shouldn’t attempt, that bad things would happen if we even so much as tried to do them.  Things like bull fighting…yep, I just know that would end up badly or shark taming, can’t see a good ending to that one either.            

Oh, I’ve done some adventuresome things.  I’ve sky dived many times, scuba dived in the cold waters of the north pacific.  In Northeast Asia I shared my bed, and my meals for that matter, with cockroaches the size of small cats. I’ve used toiletless toilets. I’ve ridden marauding elephants (okay, not really but it sounds good doesn’t it?).  I did ride on the neck of an elephant but she was far from marauding. She did, however, have an affinity for trotting into the bush for food resulting in both us being covered in ants.  I’ve been mugged by monkeys.  Darn things stole all my peanuts! And, I’ve come face to face with a Komodo Dragon in its natural habitat (and walked away without filling my pants, thank you very much).            

But I have never, ever attempted to colour my own hair. Nope, some things just need to be left to the experts. However, my oldest daughter has been harassing me for months to put a stripe of colour in her hair.  Ah Ha! I thought slyly, who better to experiment on than some young innocent? Being somewhat on the frugal end of the spectrum, I decided that if we were going to embark on this adventure together that I would be attempting this feat myself.            

So off I went on the hunt for just the right colour.  Of course, it had to be something on the more outrageous side, preferably pink.  Wouldn’t you know it that 3 hours later with 10 stores behind me I still could not find anything other than the standard run of the mill hair colour.  Finally I found something called Punked Out but the only colour’s left were blue and purple.  I picked them up anticipating a battle on the home front when my daughter realized I could not find the colour she wanted but to my surprise she was so excited to colour her hair that she didn’t really care.   Whew!  if you knew my daughter you would understand my great relief over that reaction.            

I was smart enough to put on clothes that I wouldn’t worry about staining.  I, however, forgot to pick up the special brush required to administer the hair dye.  Ahhhh, I thought, I’m just doing a streak or 2 I’ll just use my fingers…smart right?  Uh, not so much really.  After a finger dip in the jar I soon realized that if I did not want to look like some mutant strain of the  Avatar species I’d better put on some rubber gloves.  Remember, I’ve never done this before.            

I carefully segregated the portion of my daughter’s hair I wanted to colour and with my fingers proceeded the spread the gooey stuff on her hair.  Of course, my 3-year-old had to get in on the action so while my oldest was sitting out her 15 minutes I got started on her.  While I had been smart enough to change my clothes, I hadn’t considered the girls’ clothes.  This blue and purple goop ended up everywhere.  All over their jammies, my floor rug, the countertop and them.  I left her to sit while I rinsed out my oldest girl’s hair only to realize that I didn’t leave it in long enough and had to completely redo it.            

After having turned the sink blue on the first rinse I came up with what I thought was a brilliant solution.  I would just strip them down, put them in the shower and wash it all off.  The trick was how to get their jammies off without doing any more damage.  Suffice it to say that they will not be wearing those jammies at any sleepovers ever again.  As my 3-year-old was the first ready to hit the shower, I stripped her down and tossed her in.  Now not only was I soaking wet but in addition to my blue floor rug, countertop and sink, I now had a blue shower and a little girl with stripes of blue running down her body.  I had inadvertently striped my daughter blue!  This was turning out to be a disaster!            

I had better luck with my oldest now that I knew I had to be extra careful washing the colour out her hair.  I was thinking this had better have been worth all this effort!             

I pulled the girl’s out of the shower and blow dried their hair only to find out that you could barely see the colour.  Oh, in the right light you can see a highlight of blue on their hair but you have to be looking really closely to see it.  The only real vibrant blue anywhere was my oldest daughter’s scalp.   The skin where she parts her hair was vivid blue!  How in the world was I going to hide that?  And this is a semi-permanent hair colour.  I have no idea how long it will take for the colour to wash out.            

So, this morning I strategically did my daughter’s hair to hide the blue streak on her scalp and sent her off to school hoping she didn’t endure any teasing.  She doesn’t do teasing well.            

I should have followed my instincts.  The next time I want to take a foray into the world of colour I’ll be calling in the experts!