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Well, in three more days my oldest will start grade two. I scratch my head in utter confusion not really understanding how that happened.  It seems like yesterday I was an ecstatic (and very sore) first time mother bringing home my little angel with her Keith Richards hairdo.    

What a sweetheart she was (after the first 6 weeks of hell that is).  She slept through the night and for the next two years I really thought I had died and gone to heaven.  She was just that good.  Then she turned three. What is up with that magic number?    

I was not one of those parents who cried when it came time to put my daughter in preschool or see her off for her first day of grade 1.  Nope, not me.  I dropped her off and with a hop and a skip headed back home.  FREEDOM, I thought.   

And this year is no different. I really dreaded summer holidays. Leave my kids alone in a room together for longer than 5 minutes and I’m calling the SWAT team.  So, the thought of summer holidays really had me in a panic.  I was pleasantly surprised come mid July at how well my kids were getting along.  Whew, I thought, this isn’t so bad but the summer was only half over and the tide was yet to turn.   

Yes, along came August.  No longer can I remember the laughter of children playing together.  You see, I’m deaf now.  Somehow in the last month I lost my hearing amongst all the yelling and screaming going on at my place.  I’m sure the neighbours must think we are a batch of crazed lunatics living over here and they wouldn’t be far off!    

The thrill of summer has worn off. The kids are now entirely sick of each other and, honestly?, I’m just a little more than sick of them to.  If I have to break up too many more fights I just might lose my mind, well, that would be if I hadn’t lost it already!  If you happen to see it lying around somewhere would you mind returning it?   

In three more days when I pack up my daughter’s lunch and backpack you’ll find me whistling a happy tune.  I’m going to put her on the bus and head back home with a little hop and a skip.  You know what the best part is? That when she comes home at the end of the day I will have realized how much I really missed her and will be so glad to have her home again……at least until the next morning anyway.