Mental health break !

Image by cupcakes2 via Flickr


Well, today I tried to run away from home.  Oh, I’ve tried before. Once when I was six but I only got as far as the end of driveway.  You see, I wasn’t allowed to cross the street.  The second time I was about 10.  I packed a bag and my favorite stuffy.  There was a great little hideaway amongst a stand of trees across the other side of the park.  My fear of bugs spoiled that one for me.  One flew in my hair scaring me half to death. I don’t think I ever ran home so fast.     

And then today….I’d had it, just plain had it with the “give me’s, get me’s, I want’s”.  From the moment I woke up this morning I heard nothing but whining, complaining, crying, demanding.  I have essentially been a single mother the last 4 weeks (less the every other weekend off perk) with my husband working long and hard to get his project finished.  Luckily, he was home this morning sitting at his computer ignoring the chaos that surrounded us (how do men DO that anyway?).    

Then it happened, I SNAPPED!!! “I can’t take it anymore!!! I did NOT sign up to be a single parent!!” and out the front door I went.  No shoes, no nothing.  Ouching and Ohhing all the way down our very long, gravel driveway.  Yep.  I reached the bottom and stopped.  Now what? No shoes, No car keys, No money.  I guess I could have hitchhiked but there was not a car in sight.  I stood there wishing I at least had somewhere to sit (Note to self:  strategically place bench in front of driveway in the event of further mental breakdowns).    

I could hear the kids out in the yard calling for me and I thought “Damn, foiled again!”.  Yes, they tracked me down.  Can’t I even have a little privacy during a mental breakdown?  There the three of them were running towards me.  Then they were hugging me and my little 3-year-old was saying “Mommy, I don’t want you to go” *sigh*. So, I turned around and walked back home, arm in arm with my little ones.  I guess running away will have to wait for another day.