... is going to sting a little when he's bring...

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Anybody who has  children knows what I ‘m talking about…a quick check in the diaper and EWWWWW….a FINGER FULL of POO!  Yep.  Stick your finger in anybody else’s business and your likely to get a finger full of poo!  Maybe not as stinky but maybe a whole lot more sticky! But, the question remains. When DO you stick your finger down someone else’s backside? It may not be appropriate but I admit I’d take a peek down Brad Pitt’s back-end any time!  And, when do you just maybe hand them a wet wipe or two? 

What if someone is trying to get into YOUR back-end?? …”hee, hee, Mom, really, I can take care of my own back plumbing” or hang a “Do Not Enter” sign?     

I guess there is the chance that your finger could emerge victoriously clean but there’s always that risk isn’t there? For a finger full of poo.     

It really just boils down to this, if you aren’t prepared to get a finger full a poo, keep your fingers to yourself.