Smile 12 a

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Don’t you think that everybody takes things a little too seriously?  Can’t someone be entitled to a bad day without somebody else saying “hey, it could be better”.  Of course it could be better but when you are in the throes of a bad day the last thing you need is someone trying to diminish or invalidate your feelings.   

Why are we so against expressing ourselves?  I’m all for positivity. Anybody who knows me knows that I am generally a very positive person.  My last boss of 7 years said he’d never seen me have a bad day.  I am a happy person with a good outlook on life.  I like almost everybody…hmmm…come to think of it I can’t off-hand think of anybody that I really, truly dislike (unless I’ve forgotten him….um, I mean them).  But, let’s admit it here, life is life and turd occurs! I have a sarcastic sense of humour and really don’t shy away from conflict.  I believe in spiritual advancement, self-improvement, peace and all that lovey dovey crap.  Really I do! I love Elisabeth Lesser, want to attend a spiritual retreat and hope to someday master the art of meditation.  But, if someone tells me they never have a bad day…well…Bull@#$@!.  And if I’m having a bad day and you tell me to think of those little children in Africa with the flies in their eyes I won’t say it but you can bet I’m thinking of something with an “….  Off” at the end of it. I truly believe that I’m a positive person BECAUSE of my ability to express myself and find humour in my experiences. Nothing stays harboured in this miniscule chest of mine (there just isn’t enough room in there).  I get it out and I’m done with it.  It’s really quite freeing – you should try it.  Starting right here, right now in my comment box!  

I just want to be clear here, I do not mean putting down, criticising or judging others.  I am referring only to my own life, making fun of or complaining about MY experiences.  

So I complain, yep I said it, I complain and I LIKE it!  It’s great to express yourself and c’mon people it’s all in good fun. So relax everybody, enjoy the ride.  Have a glass of wine, or sparkling water and enjoy a little bitchiness now and then.  You’ll walk away feeling like you’ve released those bottled up emotions, connected with someone who understands how you feel and don’t need to feel ashamed because *GASP* you are human with human emotions.  Let the emotions wash over you and then you can be done with them, plant a smile on your face and walk away.